T206H STC on Aerocet® 3400’s

T206H STC on Aerocet® 3400’s

Aerocet® announces Cessna T206H Model certified for its Composite floats

January 8, 2016 (PRIEST RIVER, ID) World-leading aerospace design, product development and manufacturing company Aerocet® announced today that its 3400 Amphibious Series floats received a Supplemental Type Certificate, officially confirming their use for the Cessna T206H Model aircraft.

“This is big news”, said Matthew Sigfrinius VP of Sales here at Aerocet®. “We are very proud of our product and the hard work that went into it.”

Aerocet®’s lightweight composite floats eliminate leaks and corrosion typically associated with heavier aluminum floats, therefore reducing maintenance time and costs. “We’ve incorporated our patented Oil-Bath Wheels into the floats, virtually eliminating bearing maintenance,” said Sigfrinius. Other enhancements to the floats include our advanced landing gear advisory system, which grants pilots a more safe and efficient product, as well as large storage lockers for loading versatility and convenience.

Established in 1987, Aerocet® is the world’s premier manufacturer of certified composite aircraft floats. The company’s product line includes straight composite aircraft float models for water only landings, as well as amphibious aircraft floats designed for both land and water landings. For more information about Aerocet®, or performance specs for the Cessna T206H, visit aerocet.com or call (208) 448-0400.

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