Cessna 170/172

Wattum Aircraft Service in Wasilla, Alaska are the holders of the STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) approval of Aerocet® 2200 series straight floats on the Cessna 170A , 170B and 172.

Please contact Wattum Aircraft Service directly for information on this configuration.

Wattum Aircraft Service:
6314 E. Mountain Goat Circle Wasilla, Alaska 99654
Tel: 907-947-4017
Joel Wattum <joelwattum@gmail.com>

Aerocet® Model 2200 Straight Floats

Treat your light aircraft to the sturdiest floats on the market. With Aerocet® 2200s, your adventure is multiplied and your bragging rights are preserved.



  • Super large sweet spot, ease of use and the most forgiving floats for novice and pro alike.
  • Very slippery – minimal sensation of acceleration is felt after leaving the water.
  • Getting on the step is reached very quickly to get you off the water and into the air fast.

Hull Design

  • Double fluted design delivers superior strength to weight ratings.
  • Sharp edges for reduced drag and increased hydrodynamics.
  • Large flat deck with molded – in antiskid.
  • Best design for performance in both rough water and smooth water conditions.


  • No corrosion.
  • No rivets mean no rivet leaks.
  • Common aerospace E-Glass and simple easy – to – use vinyl ester resin.
  • Non – sandwich bottom skin, makes any field repair an easy process.
  • High impact sandwich core used on top and sides adds durability and strength.


  • Six Watertight Compartments
  • One more compartment than most.
  • No large holes for rudder controls (prevents flooding).
  • Large access panels with integrated preflight pumpouts that use all stainless hardware.
  • Storage locker built into center compartment with super large access door and optional floorboards for flat storage.

Hull Protection

  • Aluminum keel wear strip that is rugged and easily replaced.
  • Special aluminum chine rub strip designed to resist constant abrasion and provides another seam overlap.

Spreader Bar

  • New extrusion design with internal shear web.
  • Impervious to crushing under forklift and clamping loads.
  • Simple, high strength, lightweight spreader bar socket with integral grease fittings.

Water Rudders

  • Utilizes stainless tiller posts, brackets and fasteners.
  • No rubber seals to crack and leak, and no deck cables and turnbuckles to trip over.
  • Maximum maneuverability with large rudders.
Aircraft Cessna 170A, 170B and 172
Buoyancy 2230 lbs /1151 kg
Maximum Floatation 2478 lbs /1124 kg
Weight 265 lbs*/120 kg*
Price: $38,000
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