Aerocet® Receives DAC-Ecuador Approval on 6650 Composite Aircraft Floats

Aerocet® Receives DAC-Ecuador Approval on 6650 Composite Aircraft Floats

June 28, 2017 (PRIEST RIVER, ID) World-leading aerospace design, product development and manufacturing company Aerocet® announced today that it has received DAC-Ecuador approval on the 6650 amphibious twin aircraft composite floats for the Quest Aircraft model KODIAK 100.

The approval will help KODIAK owners already operating in the region by expanding the KODIAK’s capabilities. One operator, TAME AMAZONIA, manages operations of the Amazon Connectivity Project, an initiate of the Ecuadorian Government offering reliable transportation to and from remote areas of the country for those living there, and eventually for those wishing to visit the area. Ecuador will also be promoting eco-tourism to this region, and the KODIAK fitted with the Aerocet® 6650 amphibious composite floats provides the perfect platform to meet key goals of the initiative.

“Considerable interest in our product on the Quest KODIAK 100 in Latin America moved us towards supporting that customer interest by obtaining the necessary product approvals” said Matt Sigfrinius-VP OEM Sales for Aerocet®. “The versatility of the aircraft along with the Aerocet® amphibious floats make it perfect for a wide-range of applications.” Sigfrinius added.

Aerocet®’s lightweight composite floats give the operator a higher useful load, eliminate leaks and corrosion typically associated with heavier aluminum floats, therefore substantially reducing operating costs while improving performance. The floats incorporate Aerocet® patented Oil-Bath Wheels, virtually eliminating bearing maintenance. Other enhancements to the floats include our advanced landing gear advisory system, which grants pilots a more safe and efficient product, as well as large storage lockers for loading versatility and convenience.

Established in 1986, Aerocet® is the world’s premier manufacturer of certified composite aircraft floats. The company’s product line includes straight composite aircraft float models for water only landings, as well as amphibious aircraft floats designed for both land and water landings. For more information about Aerocet®, or performance specs for the Aerocet® model 6650 floats, visit or call (208) 448-0400.


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Picture: Quest Aircraft KODIAK 100 on Aerocet® composite 6650 series aircraft floats.