Tom Bass: Kallispell, MT
The first float plane I owned was a ‘76 Cessna 180 with a standard 470 engine and brand X 2960 floats. My second plane is a 1970 180 with a PPonk 520 and Aerocet 3500 Straight Floats. Both planes weighed about the same and both had the Kenmore STC for a gross weight increase to 3190 pounds. The new plane takes off in 60 percent of the distance of the old of which more than half of the savings is due to the floats. When you get near the gross weight of 3190 pounds the difference is even greater. The Aerocets with a higher displacement also have a storage locker in front of the CG which is more than twice as big as the one in my old floats. This allows me to get the weight forward which gets me on the step faster. Smooth sides and bottoms and no rivets also add to getting in the air faster and gives me a cruise speed about 4 knots faster. After ten years they still look brand new.

Jack C. - Edgartown, MA

The plane in the picture is a 1964 185. I must say the addition of the Aerocets has been the nicest mod I have installed so far. I have had two full seasons of operations in Alaska on the Aerocets with absolutely no problems with the floats to date. They are a really nice performer.

Scott Harris

Harris Aircraft Services, Inc.


We have logged over 6500 hours to date on these 3400 amphibious floats since March of 2004. Our cost per hour on our Cessna A185F was reduced by the installation of these floats as we no longer had the need to complete repairs to the hulls from routine beaching and use in Southeast Alaska. These floats have performed remarkably well, support the up-gross kits installed and with the low maintenance have become very much trouble free.

Rusty E. - Grand Rapids, MN

After 10 seasons, the floats still look like new...over 1300 hours, trips to the arctic, they really do perform. A satisfied customer.

Dick S. - Alaska

We put our Cessna 180 on Aerocet floats in 2003. We purchased them new in Anchorage, AK. The attached photo was taken at Telaquana Lake in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve where we have a recreational cabin... To say the least we love everything about the Aerocets.