6650 Amphibious Floats for Kodiak Aircraft

5850 With the ability to land on both land and water, the 6650 amphibious floats for the Kodiak Aircraft offer the ultimate upgrade to this extreme flying machine. With our state of the art design and user friendly features, our amphibious light weight carbon composite floats mean the Kodiak truly can go where other planes simply can not.   PERFORMANCE COMPOSITES * By far the most technically advanced floats in the history of aviation * Proven to be the most useful load in the industry. * Infusion composite construction process allows these larger floats to weigh in at less than smaller floats that have less displacement. * Extra flotation and no extra weight or speed penalty, for increased safety at gross weight. * Clean floats and aerodynamic rigging gives a cruise speed increase over other designs. * The most forgiving floats for novice and pro alike. * Very slippery - minimal sensation of acceleration is felt after leaving the water. * Getting on the step is reached very quickly to get you off the water and into the air fast.   SMART DESIGN * Double-fluted design delivers superior strength to weight ratings. * Molded-in boarding steps. * Sharp edges for reduced drag and increased hydrodynamics. * Best design for performance in both rough water and smooth water conditions. BUILT TO LAST * No corrosion like with aluminum based floats. * No rivets, means no rivet leaks. * Common aerospace carbon fiber and simple easy-to-use vinyl ester resin. * Non-sandwich bottom skin, makes any field repair an easy process. * High impact sandwich core used on top and sides adds durability and strength   MORE COMPARTMENTS * Nine watertight compartments and three locker bays in each float for more storage. * Large access panels with integrated preflight pump-outs that use all stainless hardware. * Optional internal floorboards for flat storage.   MAIN GEAR * Minimizes displacement for improved floatation. * Easy access to all hardware, reducing maintenance time. * Easy-to-clean and service, ease of replacements. * Trailing arm link provides a no-bounce smooth ride. * Metering pin tailored toward comfort during taxi, yet able to handle harsh landings. * Pressure adjustable to match aircraft gross weight. * Built in prevention of water infusion. * Cost effective, easy to find and replace “off-the-shelf” seals and wiper rings. * Aerocet-manufactured main wheel means Aerocet quality, and we always have parts in stock.   NOSE GEAR * Utilizes a no-maintenance composite spring that eliminates soft forward diving in crosswinds or under braking. * Aluminum bronze slide bushings designed to handle ultimate loads without breakage. * Tire retracts to provide bumper. * Angle of nose spring is optimized to reduce shimmy potential. * Aerocet-manufactured nose wheel means Aerocet quality, and we always have parts in stock   RETRACT SYSTEM * Built in pressure relief guards against over pressure from thermal or hand pump inputs. * Simplistic reversing motor eliminates complex flow control valves and systems. * Internal filters to guard against debris in hydraulic system reducing wear. * Mounting hardware designed and tested to FAR requirements. * Audible announcement for gear positions and “check gear” conditions. * Hydraulic pump running indicator. * Illuminated indicators for each gear wheel and each position. * Backlit display for easy reading * Indicator lights “Test” feature.
5820 Support Documentation  


  A-10039 Service Manual Gear advisory     pdf A-33104 6650 Flight Manual     pdf A-10036       pdf A-10038 IPC Section       pdf A-31021 Manual      

pdf A-10038 ICA 6650-Kodiak 11.17.15

Engine PT6A-34 (750 shp)
Maximum Cruise at 10,000 ft 162 KTAS
Take off run land 975’
Take off over a 50 ft. obstacle (land) 1507’
Take off run (water) 1735’
Take off over a 50 ft. obstacle (water) 2333’
Landing roll out (land) 1291’
Landing roll out over 50 ft. obstacle (land) 2046’
Landing roll out (water) 1314’
Landing roll out over 50 ft. obstacle (water) 3061’
Rate of climb 1060’ ft/min
Service Ceiling 20000’
Gross Weight 7255 lbs
Landing Weight (land or water) 7200 lbs
Useful Load 2690 lbs
Tail height reach 17’3”
Price: $399,000