3400 Own a Cessna 182 and looking for floats? Seaplanes West, a Division of Acorn Welding Ltd., in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada are the holders of the STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) approval of Aerocet 3400 amphibious floats and 3500L straight floats on the Cessna 182. Please contact Seaplanes West directly for information on this configuration.
Seaplanes West, Inc. 10916-119 ST NW Edmonton, A.B T5H-3P4 Canada Tel: 780-447-5955/250-545-4884 Email Paul Gryko, Sales Manager, Acorn Welding Ltd <info@seaplaneswest.com>
  Main Gear Custom Designed Gearbox * Minimizes displacement for improved floatation. * Watertight seamless design means less water pumping. * Easy access to all hardware, reducing maintenance time. * Easy-to-clean and service, ease of replacements. Oleo Shock System * Trailing arm link provides a no-bounce smooth ride. * Metering pin tailored toward comfort during taxi, yet able to handle harsh landings. * Pressure adjustable to match aircraft gross weight. * Built in prevention of water infusion. * Cost effective, easy to find and replace "off-the-shelf" seals and wiper rings. * Aerocet-manufactured nose wheel means Aerocet quality, and we always have parts in stock. Nose Gear Sliding, Retractable Gear * Utilizes a no-maintenance composite spring that eliminates soft forward diving in crosswinds or under braking. * No nose wheel well, which provides maximum displacement efficiency. * Aluminum bronze slide bushings designed to handle ultimate loads without breakage. * Tire retracts to provide bumper. * Angle of nose spring is optimized to reduce shimmy potential. Nose Wheel Assembly * Aerocet-manufactured nose wheel means Aerocet quality, and we always have parts in stock. * Spoked wheel design eliminates water cavity. * O-ring interface between wheel halves for better sealing and less maintenance. * Standard "off-the-shelf" bearings. * Manufactured from 6061 billet, anodized and top coated for long life corrosion protection. * Fully TSO approved by the FAA. Hardware Hull Protection * Aluminum keel wear strip that is rugged and easily replaced. * Special aluminum chine rub strip designed to resist constant abrasion and provides another seam overlap. Spreader Bar * New extrusion design with internal shear web. * Impervious to crushing under forklift and clamping loads. * Simple, high strength, lightweight spreader bar socket with integral grease fittings. Water Rudders * Utilizes stainless tiller posts, brackets and fasteners. * No rubber seals to crack and leak, and no deck cables and turnbuckles to trip over. * Maximum maneuverability with large rudders. Gear Retract System Electric Hydraulic Pump System * 12 or 24 V availability. * Far aft placement for nose gear CG compensation. * Low average pressure (500 psi) is easy on the lines reducing overall maintenance. * Built in pressure relief guards against over pressure from thermal or hand pump inputs. * Simplistic reversing motor eliminates complex flow control valves and systems. * Reservoir and site glass are built into hydraulic power pack for easy fluid level reading. * Internal filters to guard against debris in hydraulic system reducing wear. * Mounting hardware designed and tested to FAR requirements. Gear Advisory Unit * Audible announcement for gear positions and "check gear" conditions. * Hydraulic pump running indicator. * Illuminated indicators for each gear wheel and each position. * Backlit display for easy reading. * Dimmer adjustment. * Indicator lights "Test" feature. Composites Performance * Super large sweet spot, ease of use and the most forgiving floats for novice and pro alike. * Very slippery - minimal sensation of acceleration is felt after leaving the water. * Getting on the step is reached very quickly to get you off the water and into the air fast. Hull Design * Double fluted design delivers superior strength to weight ratings. * Molded - in boarding steps. * Sharp edges for reduced drag and increased hydrodynamics. * Large flat deck with molded - in antiskid. * Best design for performance in both rough water and smooth water conditions. Construction * No corrosion. * No rivets mean no rivet leaks. * Common aerospace E-Glass and simple easy - to - use vinyl ester resin. * Non - sandwich bottom skin, makes any field repair an easy process. * High impact sandwich core used on top and sides adds durability and strength. Compartments * Six Watertight Compartments * One more compartment than most other floats on the market. * No large holes for rudder controls, which could cause easy flooding. * Large access panels with integrated preflight pumpouts that use all stainless hardware. * Storage locker built into center compartment with super large access door and optional floorboards for flat storage.
3400 Support Documentation pdfPlease contact Seaplanes West, Inc. for support and documentation on this configuration