Cargo Pods

Aerocet™ has further enhanced the great design of the “Skypod”, formerly manufactured by Alaska Skycraft, by adding our proprietary manufacturing processes and extensive design experience to refine the “Skypod.”

The “SkyPod” is a lightweight, high strength cargo pod designed for maximum versatility and minimum drag. The aerodynamic shape yields minimal speed loss (1 to 2 MPH at normal cruise on wheels, no speed loss on floats – FAA flight test results) and negligible effect on engine temperatures. The two side doors measure 9” tall and 30” wide, allowing the loading of fuel jugs, cases of canned food and drink, camp gear, etc. The doors can be hinged or removable, with camloc fasteners. The integral sealed lid keeps cargo dry and free of contamination from engine oil, fuel, hydraulic fluid or exhaust. This feature allows the use of a cushion seal to the aircraft skin, instead of a sealant, so the pod can be removed or installed with very little time or effort.

The SkyPod has a 300 lb. weight capacity and holds over 10 cubic feet of cargo.

Please note that the cargo/fuel version of this pod is not available at this time.



Aerocet cargo pods allow your 206 aircraft to become a workhorse. Usually supporting mission aviation planes in the most rugged of environments, our pods serve their purpose of increased capacity with little effort.

The 206 cargo pod now has a forward, and the standard bottom hinging, door configurations. We can tell you that most customers prefer the new forward hinging door.

The Cargo Pod weighs 35 lbs. and has a weight capacity of 300 lbs with a 16 cu. ft. volume.

The overall length is 97.5 in., the width is 40.5 in., and the baggage opening is 10.25 in. X 27.25 in.

The Cargo Pod comes with a Cessna “Juneau White” gelcoat finish that is UV resistant. All required hardware for installation along with a detailed instruction manual are provided for installation.

This complete package includes placards, STC, Supplemental Flight Manual, Drawings, with Service Manual and Instructions for Continued Airworthiness.

With the same construction as our successful composite floats, you know you are getting the strongest and most perfected.