Canada Training

Web Link Ocean Air Training & Tours Seaplane Training If you have aspirations of becoming a floatplane pilot, whether commercial or private, no one is more capable of helping you achieve your goals than Ocean Air! Seaplanes are a way of life in this part of Canada; learn from experienced float plane pilots who work the coast daily as both instructors and as charter seaplane pilots. We take Floatplane Training above and beyond the Transport Canada Seaplane / Float Plane Endorsement (Float Rating) basics. Our exceptionally well rounded floatplane training programs, highly experienced charter pilot instructors and beautiful, rugged Islands setting just outside Victoria and close to Vancouver, creates a challenging training environment for learning to become an experienced and safe bush / urban floatplane pilot. Get your seaplane rating and dreams into the air here: where the scenery is fantastic, wildlife abounds and floatplanes are a way of life. Charters Flights & Tours If you require fast, safe and reliable floatplane service to or from the Gulf Islands, the Sunshine Coast, Vancouver, Whistler, remote West Coast Fishing Lodges, Grizzly Bear Watching Tours or wherever you may be on the Coast, Ocean Air's Professional Charter and Tour Services are just what you're looking for! With a Charter We fly on Your schedule! We also provide all manner of specialty and custom floatplane vacation charter ideas from seaplane sightseeing tours, floatplane fly-in fishing adventure charters or relaxing Coastal BC Villages, Lodges, Parks and Spa Resorts on the Pacific Coastal Islands here in British Columbia, Canada. Contact us for Ideas for your Seaplane Vacation or to get to that important business meeting and leave the hastles of the Ferries and their schedules behind for much less than you might expect.