Aerocet Receives TSO Approval on 6650 COMPOSITE Aircraft Floats

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Aerocet, Inc. today announces it has received FAA approval on the 6650 amphibious aircraft floats to Technical Standard Order TSO-C27 for Twin Seaplane Floats. The next phase of approval, STC, which would allow the floats to be installed on an aircraft, is also close to completion. Aerocet has installed the 6650 amphibious floats onto three different Quest Kodiak 100s. Initial float performance results are promising and find the floats to be demonstrating Aerocet’s signature characteristics: 1. Quick on the step 2. A super large “sweet spot 3. Picking up a few knots in speed The Aerocet 6650 model composite floats include unique features like strong and lightweight blends of carbon fiber materials that are designed to be tough, lightweight and eliminate the problem of corrosion and leaks inherent with aluminum. The railing arm oleo main gear allow for wonderfully smooth landings. Safety is also enhanced by making the top deck flat with anti-skid molded into the float, which eases embarking and disembarking. quest-kodiak About Aerocet, Inc. Aerocet was established in 1987 as a manufacturer specializing in composite aircraft floats. The company offers straight composite aircraft float models for water-only landings, as well as amphibious aircraft floats that are for both land and water landings. The company is located in the Pacific Northwest of the USA and is housed in 35,000 square feet of modern manufacturing facilities.